A 4K monitor is essential for watching videos and movies with the latest 4K compatible games and beautiful images of 4K compatible content.

Now that 4K shooting is available for camcorders and smartphones, the number of scenes that use 4K monitors is growing steadily.

Not only for enjoying beautiful 4K images on PCs and laptops, but also for people who need a high performance display such as teleworking, 4K monitors seem to be in common use.

So this time around, our editors will present 10 recommended products from the latest popular 4K monitors that let you enjoy the latest content with beautiful images depending on the purpose.

  • “What’s a 4K Monitor First of All?”
  • “How to Choose a 4K Monitor?”
  • “I want to know the recommended 4K monitor”

If you have similar questions, refer to this article and consider buying a 4K monitor.

Best 4K Monitors-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

What is a 4K monitor?

A 4K monitor is a PC monitor with the specifications of 3840 x 2160, which is a numeric “resolution” value that represents the density of dots on a screen.

The “Full HD” resolution, which is often used as the standard for screen clarity, is 1920 x 1080, which in simple terms means “a monitor with 4x Full HD picture quality with a beautiful screen.”

Essentially, this is a must when watching videos like YouTube and movies that support 4K, as well as when watching 4K content like 4K compatible games like PS4Pro and PS5.

Because the 4K monitor has a high density, characters are displayed clearly even when multiple programs or browsers are open in addition to content, and the work area can be expanded to improve efficiency in work such as work.

Recommended for everything from watching videos to programming, as well as gaming PCs.

With an increase in 4K-compatible content such as games, videos and photos, it has begun to proliferate and many manufacturers such as DELL and LG are now selling 4K-compatible monitors.

Difference between 4K monitor and 4K TV

Both 4K monitors and 4K TVs are devices that can display high quality 4K, but there are the following differences.

Difference between 4K monitor and 4K TV

monitor that connects to PCs, laptops and game consoles
TV can watch 4K broadcasts

4K monitors will only show their true value if you have a device to connect, so if you don’t have a device to connect, you don’t need to buy a 4K monitor.

However, if you have a 4K compatible gaming machine like the PS5, you can play more comfortably by connecting it to a 4K gaming monitor dedicated to gaming, separate from your TV.

The 4k gaming monitor is tuned for fast-paced gaming, reducing latency and sluggishness.

When playing action games like fps fps, it’s best to connect a 4K gaming monitor with game-specific performance whenever possible.

Can a 4K monitor be used as a 4K TV?

Usually, TV programs are not displayed on a 4K monitor, but if you have a tuner, you can watch TV programs on a 4K monitor.

If you’re just buying a 4K monitor and tuner and doing complex setups to replace your 4K TV, it doesn’t make much sense because you only have to buy a 4K TV from the get-go.

4K monitors tend to be a little cheaper, but if you buy a tuner, it’s the same and connection and setup is cumbersome.

How to connect a 4K monitor

When you connect your 4K monitor to a laptop such as a PC or Mac Book Pro, or a gaming machine, you can connect it using a cable that matches the terminal on the device.

  • DisplayPort cable (DisplayPort1.2)
  • HDMI cable (HDMI2.0)
  • usb type c

Each has a compatible terminal, so be sure to test it before purchasing.

In addition, 4K is a standard called DisplayPort 1.2, but some displays (monitors) have the default DisplayPort 1.1 setting and 4K output is not possible in this case.

Make sure your display is set to DisplayPort 1.2 before connecting.

Remember to adjust the distance and height after connecting. On the contrary, if you use it in the wrong position, your eyes can quickly get tired or your body can be damaged.

Pros of a 4K monitor

The advantages of using a 4K monitor are as follows.

  • You can enjoy amazing and beautiful content with beautifully displayed images and photos.
  • Characters are displayed clearly, eyes don’t get tired quickly
  • Can provide a larger working area and improve work efficiency.

Images and photos are displayed beautifully and you can enjoy incredibly beautiful content. Also appealing is that the picture quality does not get rough even on a large screen, and it is also the best for watching videos on a large screen. Characters are displayed clearly, eyes don’t get tired quickly.

4K’s greatest merit is its beauty.

You can enjoy beautiful images captured with a 4K compatible camcorder, etc., and you can experience stunning reality and beauty in 4K compatible games.

4K monitors are also very useful for playing back photos taken with high-performance cameras.

The high resolution allows you to display characters clearly without blur, so you can comfortably work for long hours or edit videos without eye strain.

In addition, if you choose a non-glare (non-glossy) display, characters are easier to see and work with.

Conversely, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the image, it is better to use the lens flare type.

Can provide a larger working area and improve work efficiency.

Compared to a Full HD monitor, a 4K monitor can provide a wider working area and can greatly improve work efficiency.

For example, even if you open the help site and simultaneously open Excel to the same screen to perform input operations, the screen will not become cramped.

It is also easier to set up illustration creation and photo retouching if the work area is wide.

Cons of a 4K monitor

There are some disadvantages to implementing a 4K monitor.

  • PC and game specifications must also be 4K compatible.
  • If you have a small monitor, you won’t be able to take advantage of a 4K monitor.
  • There will be a price

Just setting your monitor to 4K doesn’t mean you can enjoy 4K content.

Of course, you will need 4K images and images, equipment that can shoot, 4K compatible gaming machines, and a personal computer with specifications that 4K monitors can support.

Connecting a 4K monitor puts a heavy load on the computer, so it may not be possible to connect to an older model or a lower specification PC.

As a method to check if your computer is 4K capable, check if the external output is “3840 x 2160”, which indicates 4K resolution support, in the manual, etc.

Depending on the model, you may need to purchase a separate graphics card (called a grabbo or video card) and install it.

Most modern computers should support 4K, but it’s worth checking out just in case.

If you have a small monitor, you won’t be able to take advantage of a 4K monitor.

When entering characters, etc., if you are displaying 4K on a 4K monitor of 27 inches or less, characters will become smaller, so 27 inches or larger is recommended if possible.

No problem watching videos or 27 inches for gaming.

On the contrary, if it is solely for gaming, we recommend 27 to 32 inches.

Introducing a 4K monitor requires not only the expense of buying a monitor, but also a computer with the specifications that support it and a large monitor to work with.

So, in general, 4K monitors are expensive.

Of course, the beauty of 4K is overwhelming, so if you want to see beautiful images because it might cost a little, or want to play a game with beautiful graphics, it’s worth the investment.

As with headphones, you need to spend a little money to enjoy high-end gaming.

Also, while this is a minor drawback, the power consumption of a 4K monitor is higher than that of a Full HD monitor, so the power bill is also slightly higher.

How to choose a 4K monitor

Here I will explain the points when choosing a 4K monitor.

Screen size

  • 27-43 inches if you use it often for work or work
  • 27-32 inches for games
  • 40-50 inches for watching movies and videos in a large living room

We choose based on these criteria.

For those who do not know the size of inches, we have created an inch conversion table.

Inch (size)Horizontal (mm)Vertical (mm)
19 inches421 mm237 mm
24 inches531 mm299mm
28 inches620 mm349 mm
30 inches664 mm374 mm
32 inches708 mm398 mm
37 inches819 mm461 mm
40 inches886 mm498 mm
43 inches952 mm535 mm
50 inches1107 mm623 mm

Please note that the size shown has been converted to 16: 9, which is the overall aspect ratio, and the size will change in case of 4.3.

Panel type

There are three main types of LCD panels used in 4K monitors, each with a different specification and price, so choose the panel that best suits your needs.

  • TN
  • VA
  • IPS

There is also a panel type called Organic EL (OLED), but this is not common, so I will omit it here.


(fast response speed, suitable for watching games and videos)

TN (Twisted Nematic) is the relatively inexpensive among the three types of LCD panels and is often installed in inexpensive 4K monitors.

Since the price is low, the color reproduction is reasonable and the viewing angle (the angle that can be seen without discomfort) is narrow, but the response speed is fast, which is ideal for video and games.

For games such as action games and first-person shooters that have short-term time lag, choose this TN 4K monitor.

If using in games, also check the refresh rate and response rate values.


(balanced universal)

VA (Vertical Alignment) is a panel in the price range between TN and IPS, which is a very general price range, but the number of adopted models is slightly less than TN and IPS.

On the panel, it conveys contrast well, it is ideal for watching movies and dramas, and while not as fast as TN, the response speed is relatively fast and can also be used for gaming.

It is a versatile panel that can be used for a wide variety of purposes without any noticeable flaws, instead of lacking distinctive features.


(Beautiful coloring book suitable for expressing photos and illustrations)

IPS (In Plane Switching) is a panel often used in expensive high-end monitors.

The peculiarity is that the coloring is very beautiful, and of course, videos and games are expressed very nicely, and the reproducibility of still images such as photographs and illustrations is high, so it is suitable for authors and illustrators.

Also, due to its large viewing angle, it is very widely used on large panels, so it is recommended to install it in the living room and watch a lot of video.

Let’s choose the type of panel that suits you by referring to the above features.

Glossy or not glossy

In addition to LCD panels, there are two types of panels: glossy “reflections” and non-glossy “non-reflections” on the display surface.

Glare (glossy) has beautiful colors and is suitable for viewing images, but is a strain on the eyes as light indoors etc. is reflected off the monitor surface and dazzles.

The non-glare (non-glossy) color is a little more sober than glare, but is pleasing to the eye as it doesn’t glare, and is ideal for long hours of work.

Use glare for main video viewing, no glare for work or extended video viewing, etc.


The 4K monitor mainly connects to other devices, so make sure the connection terminal of the device you want to connect to matches the connection terminal of the monitor.

  • DisplayPort cable (DisplayPort1.2)
  • HDMI cable (HDMI2.0)
  • usb type-c

Check responsiveness and refresh rates for games

When using a 4K monitor in the main game, focus on two numbers: “response rate” and “refresh rate”.

These are numbers that are mainly related to the smoothness and speed of screen switching.

Also, for the convenience of the game, check the “frame rate” number on the side of the gaming machine and ensure the refresh rate is higher than this number.

I don’t think there is a slight time lag when watching videos or working, but when you play action games like fps or zwift, screen smoothness and switching speed are directly related to the result.

  1. Response Speed ​​(ms) A numerical value representing the speed at which the color switches from white to black. The lower the better. Recommended 1 ~ 5ms
  2. Refresh Rate (Hz) A number representing the rate at which the screen is rewritten. The higher it is, the better. 144Hz-240Hz Recommended
  3. Frame rate (frames per second) Rewriting speed on the side of the gaming machine. For example, PS5 is 120fps, so if you are playing with PS5, monitor refresh rate must be 120Hz or higher.

If the response rate or refresh rate of the monitor is low, the enemy may move normally, but this will be delayed and there will be no coincidence if the movement is heavy and abrupt.

When choosing a 4K monitor for gaming, be sure to check these three numbers.

Monitors with high numbers are called “gaming monitors”.

With or without speaker

Some 4K monitors may or may not have a built-in speaker, and models without a built-in speaker cannot output to headphones.

When using headphones, be sure to select a speaker model.

Even with a speaker, however, the base speaker itself is small and you can’t expect high sound quality, so if you’re picky about sound, purchase headphones and speakers separately.

5 Recommended Cheap 4K Monitors Consumer Report

Here we have put together some good value models that you can enjoy 4K at a low price.

New HP 27f Display 27″ Full HD IPS Ultra-Slim

Best 4K Monitors-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

This is a model that is much cheaper than other models, despite the abundance of hardware such as a 27-inch 4K monitor, an IPS panel and a slim type.

If you’re looking for a cheap 4K monitor with lots of connection terminals, you shouldn’t have a problem if you buy this model at this point.

Honestly, this is not a 4K monitor price in a good way. Although it is cheap, it can be used normally and there is not much to complain about. Considering the price, I’m more satisfied than dissatisfied. The thin bezel makes it easy to place it.

LG 24UD58-B 24-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor

Best 4K Monitors-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

LG 24UD58-B is a stable model that can be used everywhere.

In addition to watching videos and working, it comes with many features that are perfect for gaming, such as FreeSync, which suppresses tearing and stuttering, and Black Stabilizer, which recognizes dark areas and displays them vividly.

However, the performance is reasonable compared to a gaming monitor, so let’s think of it as “it can be used for gaming too.”

Philips 278E1A 27″ frameless monitor

Best 4K Monitors-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Equipped with Ultra Clear UHD, ideal for CAD and Excel. Recommended for work, as it does not tire the eyes even during prolonged work.

The PHILIPS 278E1A is equipped with “Ultra Clear UHD” which is ideal for those who do delicate work, and details are displayed clearly.

This is an omnipotent model that can be used not only for work, but also for watching videos, using an IPS panel with good colors.

LG 32UN500-W 32 Inch

Best 4K Monitors-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

A model with a clean frameless design, suitable for various purposes such as work and hobby.

Equipped with gaming features such as FreeSync, which delivers smooth images with good color rendition on the IPS panel, DAS mode, which suppresses time lag in video output, and black stabilizer, which improves the visibility of dark scenes.

A universal model that can be used for any purpose. In addition, the stand is easy to assemble and remove, and the height and angle can be easily adjusted.

I am prone to eye fatigue, but this monitor does not seem to cause eye fatigue. What’s more, getting a 3440 x 1440 ultra-wide screen at this price is impressive.

4K Portable Monitor Touchscreen

Best 4K Monitors-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The cocopar 4K mobile monitor is a portable 15.6 ” model that can be carried in a bag.

Equipped with USB-C port and connected with USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C cable, video output and power can be done with one cable.

With multiple output connectors, you can easily enjoy your games by connecting to Xbox One x or Nintendo Switch (Switch) as well as PS.

5 Recommended 4K Gaming Monitors For Gaming

It is recommended to position the monitor between 27 “and 32” during gameplay because the edges of the screen will not be visible if the screen gets too large.

Others must have a response rate of 5ms or less (1ms recommended) and a refresh rate of 60Hz or more (240Hz recommended).

We’ve assembled models with a response rate of 5ms or less and a refresh rate of 60Hz or more, ranging from 27 inches to 32 inches.

BenQ EL2870U 28 inch 4K Monitor

Best 4K Monitors-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The BenQ EL2870U is a 1ms gaming monitor with a TN panel that allows the screen to respond quickly.

You can see a smooth screen with “AMD Free Sync”, which suppresses screen tearing (screen shift) and frame corruption.

The highest level of economy. The refresh rate is 144Hz, so I think it’s enough for the PS5. Isn’t this a model that most people can recommend?

LG 27GN950-B 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

Best 4K Monitors-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The LG 27GN950-B is a high-performance gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response speed and full features for a comfortable gaming experience.

The main features are Sphere Lighting 2.0, a lighting function that turns the game on, Nano IPS technology that reproduces natural colors, AMD FreeSync that moves smoothly, and so on.

The price is a little overpriced, but it is recommended for those who especially appreciate the comfort of the game.

The color is very beautiful. Of course, the game works without problems. Convenient not only for games, but also for watching videos. The finish is the same as a high-end car, with all defects fixed. If you buy it for now, there will be no particular complaints.

Acer Gaming Monitor 

Best 4K Monitors-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The Acer KG281KAbmiipx is an inexpensive and relatively stable gaming monitor.

The TN panel has a 1ms response speed, flicker-free to reduce eye fatigue, and a black boost function that can adjust visibility in dark places.

This price is attractive for a screen of this size, but the refresh rate at 60Hz is a little weak, so those who play action games and shooters should choose carefully.

The refresh rate is said to be 60Hz, but if you connect to DP, the movement is almost the same as 120Hz-144Hz.

LG 27UL500-W Monitor

Best 4K Monitors-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The LG 27UL500-W features an IPS panel rarely used for gaming monitors, and has good color reproduction, making it ideal for gaming with lots of colorful expressions.

Equipped with “FreeSync” which provides smooth display, “DAS mode” which suppresses video output lag, and “black stabilizer” which improves the visibility of dark scenes.

In addition, “Flicker safe mode” and “Blue light reduction mode” are set to reduce eye strain. Be careful when purchasing as it is not suitable for action games with a fast 5ms response speed on an IPS panel.

Asus VP28UQG 28″ Monitor

Best 4K Monitors-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

ASUS VP28UQG is a gaming monitor that supports fast-paced games like FPS.

With motion-resistant TN panel, 1ms response speed and original ASUS GamePlus, you can display the target on the screen so that you can shoot more accurately with FPS, etc.

However, while it is relatively suitable for FPS in this price range, the refresh rate is 60Hz, so if that’s your concern, we recommend the slightly higher performance model.

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