The technique for making photographs appeared a little less than two hundred years ago. Since then, progress has advanced far, and a huge number of different models have appeared on sale. They differ from each other in a huge number of parameters. It is natural that professional equipment will cost the buyer significantly more than equipment designed for amateur shooting.

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

One of the best companies that produces cameras is Canon. Only one of these companies has a significant range of products on the market, in which a novice photographer or a person who had never dealt with such equipment at all can easily get confused. It was for these people that we decided to make a rating of Canon cameras. In the review, we will consider in detail the quality of the models, but before that we first consider the points that you should pay attention to when choosing such devices.

How to choose the right Canon camera?

Absolutely all the cameras on the market are very different in cost. It is only natural that amateur products will be much cheaper compared to professional equipment. Therefore, in the first place it will be necessary to determine the amount that you are ready to pay for the product. In general, all cameras are divided into two groups – automatic (they are characterized by a small number of manual settings) and SLR (using them will require the owner to own absolutely all the intricacies of photography).

If you do not have the skills of a photographer, then at first it is best to give preference to the camera with the most automatic settings. For photographers with at least little experience, you can purchase SLR cameras that have the ability to use removable lenses. Such devices, in essence, are divided into two parts – this is the skeleton and mobile optics. With the help of such an aggregate it will be possible to get a decent picture quality even in low light conditions.

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The resolution of the matrix plays one of the leading roles in terms of the choice of device. It is expressed in the number of pixels. The higher this indicator, the clearer it will be, but such photos will take up quite a bit of space on the memory card or in the equipment’s internal memory. The mass of the construction is also quite important, although experienced photographers rarely pay attention to this point.

Often, amateur and professional devices are equipped with a video recording function, but far from always a microphone is provided in them. Optics is also responsible for the possibility of increasing. If in amateur devices this parameter is standard, then the SLR camera can change it depending on the installed lens. Before directly purchasing the unit, it is advisable to test it in work, right in the store itself.

When choosing models for inclusion in our rating, we took into account all the factors discussed above. We decided to divide the review into several groups – automatic, SLR amateur (often called semi-mirror) and professional SLR cameras.

At the cost of the device included in each section will vary greatly – this should not be surprised. In addition, user feedback and value for money were taken into account. Now is the time to start analyzing the performance of specific models that we have chosen for our review.

The Best Canon Cameras Consumer Report 2022

Auto compact models

3. Canon PowerShot SX620 HS

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

With this camera you can get clear and high-quality pictures despite the fact that the overall dimensions of the device are slightly larger than an ordinary bank card, and its weight is about 180 grams. The built-in 25x zoom allows you to take high-definition pictures even at a considerable distance from the subject. It also provides a picture stabilizer and a 3-inch LCD with a resolution of 0.9 megapixels.

Products are made in three colors – red, silver and metallic gray. The camera itself is equipped with a CMOS matrix, whose resolution is 20.2 megapixels. The camera is able to perfectly cope with its tasks even in low light conditions.

However, the options are burst shooting, portrait shooting, shooting at night with significant shutter speed, obtaining monochrome photographs and so on. As a processor, the high-performance DIGIC 4+ model is used, due to which the amount of noise is minimized. There is also a feature for recording video in Full HD format.

The camera has a hybrid auto focus, which instantly works even in low light conditions. A distinctive feature of the device is the so-called creative mode, with which it will be possible to get five additional pictures using original effects, the photographer will need to choose one of the most liked.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Insignificant mass;
  • Very high quality optics;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module;
  • It is possible to shoot video in Full HD format;
  • Clear display with high resolution.


  • High-quality burst shooting is rather slow;
  • Manual settings are not provided for the model.

2. Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The latest model in the line of compact cameras belonging to the premium class. For its format, the device is equipped with a rather large matrix with a diagonal of 1 inch – this is significantly larger compared to other small-sized designs. As the main working element, the DIGIC 7 processor is used here, which provides high focusing speed and for serial shooting.

These products are capable of shooting up to 8 frames per second, even if the photos are saved in the heaviest .raw format. This model also has a five-axis optical stabilizer, providing maximum clarity of photos. It will be very useful when shooting dynamic scenes.

The manufacturer decided to place a neutral density filter in the camera, allowing you to shoot with the aperture fully open. The design has a hinged touch-screen display, with which you can easily select the desired point of automatic focus. Users characterize the high technology of the device – NFC and Wi-Fi modules are provided here.

If necessary, the unit can be synchronized with a smartphone using the special application Canon Camera Connect. Due to it, it will be possible not only to view the received photos, post them on social networks or save in the smartphone’s memory, but also to shoot remotely with the required time delay.


  • Color reproduction is as close to natural as possible;
  • Tenacious auto focus;
  • The presence of a rotary retractable screen;
  • It is possible to perform flexible settings.


  • There is no jack for connecting an external microphone;
  • No moisture protection provided.

1. Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Users note the modern design of this device, in addition, it is available in two color options – black and silver. An ergonomic thickening is provided on the right side, which allows you to conveniently hold this gadget in your hands. Overall dimensions are insignificant – 110x64x40 mm with a mass of only 300 grams. This allows you to carry the product even in your shirt pocket.

The unit is equipped with a 7.5 cm swivel LCD, its resolution is 922,000 pixels. The control of the shooting process is mechanical here, however, with the help of this camera it will be possible to get clear pictures without the use of interchangeable optical lenses. The built-in 40x zoom provides high definition photos even with significant deletion.

The device is equipped with an original optical image stabilization system, so hand shake is easily compensated. There is a video recording function here, even short films can be shot on this camera. The shooting quality corresponds to the Full HD format, the maximum recording speed is 60 frames per second, so even fast movements can be captured. The swivel screen leans back 180 degrees. The battery can be charged via an ordinary USB port or using standard charging for the phone.


  • For its size provides a high level of quality macro photography;
  • Manual focusing is provided;
  • Turns on in a few seconds;
  • Well thought out location of the control buttons.


  • The display does not lean down.

Amateur Canon SLR Cameras

4. Canon EOS 200D Kit

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

As experienced photographers say, these products are characterized by an excellent price-quality ratio, and besides, they are notable for their small overall dimensions and weight. This allows you to hold the product in your hands for the whole day, without worrying about the fatigue of the hands. Inside you can find a matrix with a resolution of more than 24 pixels.

The shooting speed is about 5-6 frames per second. There are all kinds of interfaces that provide wireless communication with other devices – NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Manufacturers also equipped the product with automatic focusing Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which is usually installed in cameras of a higher class and, as a result, high cost.

The gadget is equipped with the latest graphical interface. It is natural that there is a touch-sensitive liquid crystal display, the diagonal of which is 3 inches. It rotates in all planes, so it will be convenient to shoot in any position. Pictures are taken with a minimum level of noise, which can be printed even in large format.

The design is equipped with a video function. The maximum shooting queue is 22 frames. Some automatic settings are provided, due to which the camera itself will choose the most suitable focus areas.


  • The matrix is comparable in quality to more expensive devices;
  • An external microphone is provided for superior sound quality;
  • You can control from a smartphone;
  • Touchscreen.


  • Switching between photo and video modes is not too convenient;
  • The case is made of fairly fragile plastic.

3. Canon EOS 77D Body

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

At its core, this model is an intermediate option between an amateur and a professional model. It is equipped with a fairly powerful APS-C image sensor, whose resolution is 24 megapixels, there is also an automatic focusing system. It is developed on the basis of technology Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

The viewfinder has immediately 45 stabilization points, which ensures high sensitivity and accuracy of images. As a processor, the camera uses the latest DIGIC 7, which is characterized by a significant range of photosensitivity. The device can shoot up to 6 frames per second per second.

This product turns on almost instantly – it only takes 0.2 s. The display loads a little longer: about one and a half seconds. The auto focus is carefully thought out here, so the pictures in motion are clear. Color rendering is practically no different from natural colors.

When shooting moving objects, the system tracks their location and takes photographs with a delay of about 0.01 s, so the plots retain their dynamism. The design includes both automatic and manual settings, so the model will be useful, including for professional photographers.


  • Noises are completely absent;
  • Accurate and fast auto focus;
  • Superior workmanship and assembly;
  • Two types of stabilizers – electronic and digital;
  • LCD touch screen.


  • When using automatic modes, I cannot turn off the flash;
  • No anti-glare coating on display.

2. Canon EOS 80D Body

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Despite the fact that this product was released back in 2016, until today it has not lost its relevance, so users regularly purchase it for both amateur and professional shooting.

The camera has a fairly modern 24.2-megapixel sensor such as APS-C. With its help, it is possible to quickly and accurately focus on both a moving and a stable object, regardless of whether a photo or video is being shot.

The camera has a Dual Pixel CMOS AF processor, which is in no way inferior to the devices located in the models of the top segment. The product has an optical viewfinder, a phase focus sensor is separately highlighted.

Auto focus includes 45 points at once, which cover almost the entire frame area. When saving photos in .raw format, it is possible to achieve an automatic shooting speed of about 7 frames per second.

The device is perfect for working in conditions of flickering lighting – the shutter is released at a time when the light is maximum. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve the best exposure of the picture.

Not surprisingly, the camera has a video shooting function. It can shoot videos in Full HD format with a frequency of about 50-60 frames per second, files are saved with a resolution of .mov or .mp4.


  • The design provides an additional screen with shooting parameters;
  • Carefully designed ergonomics;
  • Two speakers provide sound recording in stereo.


  • Stabilization fails;
  • When recording video, it would be possible to envisage a 4K format.

1. Canon EOS 1300D Kit

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Many experienced photographers initially reacted to this model with a certain amount of skepticism, but after they delved into the wide functionality of this unit, their opinion changed dramatically. As the main working element, an 18-megapixel APS-C type sensor is used here, which is used in most professional devices.

From the very moment of its appearance on the market, he was able to prove himself exclusively from a positive side. Despite the fact that the sensor itself has a small physical size, it allows you to get clearly focused photos with a blurred background. This has a positive effect on the final quality of the picture. The speed and image processing is provided by the DIGIC 4+ processor.

The speed of burst shooting in .raw format is not very high – only about 3 frames per second. The capabilities of this unit are enough to get video with Full HD resolution and a frame rate of about 25-30 per second. This will be quite enough not only for amateur photography, but also for relatively professional videos for subsequent editing.

The viewfinder is equipped with automatic focusing based on 9 points. Despite their small number, the clarity of the pictures comes out almost professionally. It is natural that the device is equipped with Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth modules, which allows you to control it remotely, as well as instantly drop pictures into the memory of a smartphone or laptop.


  • Quite a decent quality of pictures;
  • Good battery life;
  • The ergonomics of the location of the control buttons are carefully thought out;
  • It is possible to install interchangeable lenses;
  • Clear and fully Russified interface.


  • You cannot charge the battery directly through a USB connection.

Canon Professional SLRs

3. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Body

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The first model in our review, which is not placed in a plastic, but in a metal case, in addition, it is equipped with excellent protection against the ingress of dust and moisture under it. Thanks to this factor, you can use the camera in absolutely any conditions – in the rain, in fog or snow, at subzero temperatures.

The grip for the grip is rubberized, so you can not be afraid that the camera will suddenly slip out of your hands. The products are equipped with a touch screen, with which you can instantly set the focus point, quickly switch between shooting formats, choose subtle parameters depending on the shooting conditions.

The interface here is very convenient, so it will be convenient to use it even for a beginner. The menu is completely Russified, the owner himself will be able to choose which data should be displayed on the screen. The diagonal of the display is 3.2 inches, but the resolution is very high – 1.62 megapixels.

Color reproduction of images is close to natural, brightness is also at a decent level. The resolution of the sensor is 31.7 megapixels – a pretty decent amount, the camera works on the basis of the DIGIC 6+ processor.


  • For a professional device, a small mass;
  • The menu interface can be customized by the user;
  • There are two slots for memory cards.


  • Weak battery;
  • Pretty high cost.

2. Canon EOS 6D Body

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Externally, the model is similar to the products of previous generations, however, the filling is original. The display here is static, all buttons for controlling shooting modes are located in the area of ​​the right hand, which is quite convenient for most photographers. In terms of the ratio of cost and final quality of images, this product is an ideal balance. It is equipped with a full-frame CMOS sensor, whose resolution is 20 megapixels.

Automation allows you to get portraits with a slightly blurred background. Macro shooting is also at a very high level. The minimum exposure time is 1/4000, which is not much less than the top DSLRs, which can cost up to several hundred thousand rubles. The viewfinder is optimized in such a way that it covers almost 100% of the frame, so all moving objects are fixed in the image reliably, blurring is not observed.

The auto focus system includes 11 points that are closer to the center of the picture. It will not be possible to ensure the clarity of the photograph if the object is located at the edge of the frame, however, with the correct position of the viewfinder, this can be done with ease. The model has a very powerful Wi-Fi module, which allows you to transfer the received images to the secondary device from a considerable distance – up to 40 meters.


  • Superbly thought-out device control menu;
  • Relatively low weight and acceptable overall dimensions;
  • You can remotely control the device;
  • Natural color reproduction in pictures;
  • Nice shutter sound.


  • Quite easily soiled screen;
  • If video is being recorded, the Wi-Fi module is disabled.

1. Canon EOS 6D Mark II Kit

Best Canon Cameras-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The leaders of this section of our review of the best Canon brand cameras turned out to be a full-frame SLR, characterized by not too high cost, but excellent quality of photographs, production and a number of other outstanding parameters. A CMOS sensor with a full-frame sensor is installed here, the size of which is 24×36 mm, thanks to it it was possible to achieve a resolution of 26.2 Mpix.

When developing the sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology was used, due to which almost instantaneous phase focusing is provided both when shooting movies and when using the Live View mode. The camera has a DIGIC 7 processor. Burst shooting in .raw format reaches 7 frames per second with excellent frame detail. No blurring or other image defects are observed.

Auto focus is displayed on the touch screen in real time, the delay is completely invisible, so you can take photos and shoot videos, looking immediately at the final quality of the data. The focus area is selected in manual mode, which is also quite convenient.

The viewfinder is equipped with 45 object search points, which are concentrated not only in the center of the frame, but also closer to the edges. This allows you to capture a moving object in the dynamics of movement. The display here is swivel, touch type, its diagonal is 3 inches, but the resolution is very high – about 1.4 megapixels. With this camera you can shoot a Full HD movie with a frame rate of 50/60 per second.


  • The case is reliably protected from dust and moisture;
  • Originally developed ergonomics of the device;
  • Relatively acceptable cost;
  • There is a built-in timer for slow shutter speeds;
  • Convenient location of a slot for a memory card;
  • Touch screen swivel type.


  • Transferring .raw files is fairly slow.

Rating of The Best Canon Cameras In 2022

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Our review of the best Canon cameras has come to an end. We tried to cover in more detail each of the models included in this rating. We hope that you were able to choose the best model for yourself.

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