No speakers built into the TV can compare with headphones for the PS4. Using a high-quality headset, you can completely immerse yourself in the process of passing the game, while enjoying every sound.

In Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, you can feel the buzz of New York, in Fortnite you can catch the rustle of an enemy creeping up behind you, and in God of War you can enjoy epic orchestral soundtracks. But most importantly, it will become available to all of you even if you use relatively cheap headphones.

But what exactly makes a gaming headset better? Of course, sound quality is of prime importance. Therefore, if the headphones have a too low frequency range, then they will not be able to catch small noises, which create rich sound.

All the devices that we will consider later have a wide enough frequency range so that they can be called the best. At the same time, we tried to collect models from different price categories.

The next thing you should pay attention to before buying is comfort and design. Especially if you plan to use headphones not only for video games. It is important that the headset comfortably “sits” on the head, so during the test we carefully check the ear pads and headband of the devices.

As for the design, if you plan to wear headphones in public places or on the street, then additionally look at their appearance. A good PS4 headset is not cheap, so it would be nice to work with your smartphone or tablet so that it can be used to listen to music on the way to work or school.

If you play not only single-player, but also multi-user online games, then you will need a microphone. Not all headphones can boast of good quality of sound reception and transmission, that’s why we are testing this. Next, you will find the best PS4 headphones that will definitely not disappoint you.

The Best Gaming Headsets for PS4 Consumer Report 2022

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

Best Gaming Headsets for PS4-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

This thing will amplifies audio as well as voice and it is great for optimal Hi-Fi gaming experience. You can adjust sound volume and the mic volume. This headset will enhance your movie; gaming and music experience and you can pinpoint your opponents’ location in that game and even strikes before she sees you coming. The headset doesn’t need driver.

Turtle Beach

Best Gaming Headsets for PS4-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Enjoy crystal clear sound from this headset today. It has high-sensitive mic and you can pick up your voice loudly and also clear and you can remove when you’re watching movies. It is lightweight and comfortable and you can play for hours in complete comfort. You will hear every crisp high as well as thundering low with its large speaker.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Best Gaming Headsets for PS4-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

This is the best headset which has been designed for serious gamer. It is lightweight and comfortable and has superior sound quality and also added convenience. The headset is also comfortable on your neck and the ear cups can rotate up to 90 degree angle which is great for a better fit. It has intuitive volume control and can cancel background noise.

Gold Wireless Stereo Headset – PlayStation 4

Best Gaming Headsets for PS4-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

You’ll enjoy stylish comfort from this headset which has been designed with gamers in mind. You can wear it for hours and take it anywhere. You can connect it wirelessly to your PS4, PS3 and home computer and it has 3.5mm audio cable and you can take your sound with you. The headset is perfect for gamers who want crystal clear sound.

VersionTech G2000

Best Gaming Headsets for PS4-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Get prepared to enjoy crystal clear audio as well as chat which this headset will offer you. It offers flexible as well as comfort fit and the synthetic leather-wrapped ear cushion will enable you focus on your play for hours in full comfort. The headset is highly versatile and the LED lights will add sense of ambience to your gameplay.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset – Uncharted 4 Limited Edition

Best Gaming Headsets for PS4-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

You can connect wirelessly to your home computer, PS3, PS4 or connect to your PS Vita and other mobile device with its 3.5mm audio cable and then take your sound with you. It will enable you slip into your comfort and enjoy crystal clear sound for hours and you can swap the removable faceplates. This headset will enable you experience everything without hassle.

Rating of Best Gaming Headsets for PS4 In 2022

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