Each office must have technical or financial documentation that cannot be simply thrown into the trash can. it contains non-public data. For the disposal of documents, special paper shredders are usually used. We will tell you how they differ and suggest the 10 best models.

10 Best Paper Shredder-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The Best Paper Shredder Consumer Reports 2022

1. Fellowes Powershred 99Ci

10 Best Paper Shredder-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

With this cross-cut shredder, you can shred up to 18 sheets for every pass into 397 particles. It has energy saving features and can shred for 30 minutes before requiring to cool down. Other than paper, this machine will shred DVDs, staples, credit cards, and junk mail hassle-free. It features an advanced jam prevention system for continuous operation. When the hand touches the paper opening, the safe sense technology automatically disables the shredder. You will love the power and efficiency in ensuring the security of your documents.

2. AmazonBasics Paper and Credit Card Shredder

10 Best Paper Shredder-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Shred up to 6 sheets at a time into small particles for document security. This shredder can destroy ATM cards, credit cards, and statements. This includes any unwanted information you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. You do not need to remove staples from paper as it can eat through all that.

3. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci

10 Best Paper Shredder-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The machine shreds silently and is energy efficient. Experience the power of this shredder which can handle 16 sheets at a time. It turns paper sheets into 397 small unreadable particles. Safely shred DVDs, CDs, staples, credit cards and any office paper to safeguard your information. It features three levels of advanced jam prevention. The 2-gallon pullout bin can carry much waste before you have to dispose of it.

4. Bonsaii EverShred

10 Best Paper Shredder-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Imagine shredding up to 18 sheets at a go; even the busiest home user can shred lots of documents very fast. The machine cuts DVDs, staples, and credit cards to smithereens and in a low noise operation. It can run continuously for 60 minutes due to the advanced cooling system and its patented cutting technology. Its four casters allow for easy relocation as desired. Enjoy seamless shredding with this advanced shredder. The 6-gallon wastebasket ensures you do not have to empty after a few shreds.

5. AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Cross-Cut

10 Best Paper Shredder-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

This machine can destroy various materials in your home or office into thin strips very fast. Its LED indicators show when it is overheating, overloaded, standby, and door open. The 7-gallon bin carries much waste, ensuring you do not empty frequently. It will automatically shut off if it exceeds the normal temperatures. You cannot imagine having a powerful 24-sheet shredder at home.

6. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut

10 Best Paper Shredder-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Keep your sensitive information secure by using this heavy duty home shredder. It can micro-shred paper for 8 minutes continuously followed by a 45-minute rest. It features an automatic overheating shutoff. The shredder has a large 6.7-gallon bin that can shred 60 sheets before requiring emptying.

7. AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut

10 Best Paper Shredder-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

This machine shreds paper and credit cards into tiny pieces. It can run continuously for 3 minutes, followed by a 30-minute cooldown. All our shredding needs can be accomplished with this 6-sheet shredder at home. No more tearing or throwing bank statements in the trash. It features a large 4.1-gallon waste bin and thermal protection auto shut-off.

8. AmazonBasics 15-Sheet Cross-Cut

10 Best Paper Shredder-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

With this 15-sheet shredder, you can comfortably shred large volumes of paper fast and conveniently. The powerful cross-cut shredder can turn paper, DVDs and credit cards into confetti. It features auto-off, reverse, and forward functions. It is jam-free and shreds paper into micro- parts for higher security.

9. AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper

10 Best Paper Shredder-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

When using this 8-sheet Amazon shredder, you do not need to remove staples. It can destroy CDs/DVDs and even your unwanted credit cards. With a speed of 9.84 feet per minute, you do not have to wait long for it to destroy your sensitive documents. It can work continuously for 2 minutes then cool off for 15 minutes.

10. Bonsaii EverShred C169-B 14-Sheet Cross-Cut

10 Best Paper Shredder-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Experience the power of Bonsaii EverShred. It can run for 30 minutes no stop destroying up to 3500 sheets. It only requires a 10-minute cool off time before restarting work. It is designed for bulk work, little rest time and efficiency. It features jam protection system to save time and effort. It will handle up to 14 sheets at a time and shred at a speed of 5.9 feet per minute. Its large 8.7” slot can accept all letter and legal-sized documents.

Rating of The Best Paper Shredder 2022

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 It is easy to be bombarded with tons of information and can be hard to determine what are the key features of  home office shredders.

Sheet Capacity

If you have a huge stack of papers to shred the last thing you want to do is wait on your paper shredder Nobody likes waiting around, a bad thing you can do is to buy a shredder with an inadequate shredding capacity.  You will need to determine how big a shredding capacity you will need.  If you have a busy office then of course you will need a shredder with a higher capacity.  It can get very frustrating if you are sitting around waiting for your shredder to finish a stack of papers so you can add more to it

If you do not want to pay more for a  higher capacity shredder you can opt for a smaller capacity shredder and make up for it by shredding more frequent.  Try to shred daily after going through the mail.  This will prevent your shredding stack of papers from growing out of control.

Cutting Type

The two common types of paper shredders on the market, strip cutter and crosscut, also known as confetti.  Most inexpensive shredders will use a strip cutter design.

The strip cutter cuts the paper into long  strips.  These can be easier to put back together compared to crosscuts.  Crosscut home paper shredders, also known as confetti cutters, cut the paper into smaller pieces.  The sizes of the pieces will vary based on manufacturers and model.  Some will shred down to 5/32″ x 1 3/8″ sized pieces.  This makes it very difficult to put a shredded document back together.

If you are concerned about identity theft it only makes sense to purchase a crosscut shredder.  With the smaller pieces compared to strips it is more secure than strip cutting paper shredders.

These two features are just some of the specs to look at when searching for a paper shredder.  These are not the only features but two that are very important when comparing shredder models.   With the right knowledge you will be informed and can purchase the best shredder for your needs.


The review of the best shredders is over – it’s time to take stock. We tried to collect the maximum amount of information on each of the models, including the functional part. I would like to believe that after a careful study of our article, you will be able to choose the best model for yourself, which is ideal for your conditions.

Why is there a paper jam in the shredder?

Most commonly, paper jams occur when too much paper has been loaded into the shredder at one time, or the wrong material (such as cardboard) has been loaded into the shredder. It can also often be a sign that the shredder needs service and it is time to lubricate the knives with an oil sheet. In order to avoid jams, carefully read the instructions that come with each shredder.

What does shredder uptime mean?

Each shredder model has a different continuous working time. Continuous run time is the number of minutes the shredder can run before the cooling break. After this time, the shredder will automatically stop to cool the engine. This safety measure is designed to prevent overheating of the engine.

How can I destroy A3 documents?

Shredders can easily shred A3 sheets by simply folding them in half. Most importantly, carefully monitor the maximum number of sheets that can be destroyed at a time and remember that a folded A3 sheet is equal to two A4 sheets.

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