An external battery will be useful to recharge the charge level of a mobile phone, tablet or laptop in conditions when it is not possible to use the electric network. In our ranking of the best portable chargers, you will find great power banks for any gadget.

Which portable charger is better to buy

When choosing a portable battery, you should pay attention to a number of important criteria. The main one is the capacity of the device.

The required indicator depends on the number of connected devices, the volume of their drives, the activity of using gadgets.

Portable battery capacity is measured in milliampere-hours. For comfortable use with multiple devices, this value should be twice the average battery capacity of a mobile phone.

In modern smartphones, it can reach 3500 mAh, which means that a power bank is needed with a capacity of at least 7-8 Ah.

The output current affects the charging speed. It is important that this indicator is greater than or equal to the value provided by the manufacturer of the mobile device. Otherwise, replenishment of the battery will be extremely slow.

Not all portable chargers are suitable for laptops. Here you will need an increased indicator of the output voltage of the portable battery – from 16 to 20 V.

The power recharge rate of the power bank itself depends on the input current. The optimal value is 1.5 A. This is enough to increase the energy reserve of a portable battery with a volume of about 9000-1000 mAh to a maximum of 7-8 hours.

Additional important characteristics that affect the choice of model include the presence of connectors of various types and their number.

A large-capacity battery with multiple charging outputs ensures successful replenishment of the battery for two or more devices.

The Best Portable Battery Chargers Consumer Report 

1. Anker PowerCore+ Mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

Best Portable Battery Chargers-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

It provides a much-needed boost to your phone when you run out of power on the go. About the size of a lipstick tube, PowerCore+ mini is so slim and light you can easily slip it in your bag or pocket and you’ll forget it’s even there. Not all batteries are created equal. PowerCore+ mini contains the high-grade lithium-ion cells in the world, ensuring ultimate power, efficiency, and performance. Unlike standard portable chargers, PowerCore+ mini features adaptive high-speed charging technology, prevent you from being slowed down.

2. Anker PowerCore 10000mAh External Batteries, Ultra-Compact, High-Speed Charging Technology Power Bank

Best Portable Battery Chargers-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

It fits easily into any pocket or bag, making it the perfect charger for on the couch, on a plane, or anywhere else your phone needs a boost.
A combination of 11 safety features that work together to provide ultimate protection for your devices, your chargers and most importantly: you. Anker’s world-renowned PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine to provide a tailored, high-speed charge to almost any device. Surge protection, short circuit prevention and more advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe.

3. RAVPower External Battery Pack 16750mAh Portable Charger

Best Portable Battery Chargers-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Premium A+ 18650 battery endures over 500 charge cycles for extended service life. Integrated with voltage surge and over discharge protections, the battery pack will automatically shut down if a charging error occurs. Stay informed of the battery level and conveniently turn on the flashlight by pressing the Power Button once and twice respectively. The battery pack is kept new and intact under the matte finish that is fingerprint and light-scratch proof. Get a full battery back within just 8 hours with the DC 5V/2.4A charger instead of 17 hours with the traditional DC 5V/1A input. Charge 2 devices simultaneously at a consistent 4.5A current with optimized charging speed for each device thanks to iSmart 2.0 technology.

4. Jackery Mini Portable External Battery Charger

Best Portable Battery Chargers-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Small and mighty, this is the tiniest external 3350mAh rechargeable power bank on the market with its 1A output. This power bank is compact, portable, stylish and perfect for long flights, road trips, or whenever you need to charge your iPhone, iPad, or other smart devices. Its stylish, sleek design comes in a size similar to a “lipstick”, so you can carry it with you all the time.

5. Poweradd Pilot 2GS Portable Charger

Best Portable Battery Chargers-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The latest, fastest and most efficient USB charging technology. Poweradd Pilot 2GS Portable Charger has the capacity of 10000mAh. The product is made of aviation aluminum body that has both qualities, lightweight and durable. Furthermore, the model is stylish with a pocket-sized design which allows you to take it with you anywhere. With its 10000mAh capacity, the charger can deliver almost four full charges for iPhone 6, and more than two charges for Samsung Galaxy S4. The charger is also able to charges two 5V devices simultaneously. Finally, it comes with micro USB cable.

6. GETIHU Phone Charger 10000mAh Portable Power Bank

Best Portable Battery Chargers-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

Made of lithium-ion polymer battery, the shape is much thinner than others in the market. Small body but holds lots of charges indeed the essential part of daily life.
Rated at 3.7V, 37Wh is enough to charge the phones several times. Due to the power consumption, the charge won’t transfer to the phone entirely. So it can charge the iPhone 8 3 times, or Samsung S8 2 times.
Input: 5V/2A, can be fully charged in about 5-8 hours. Output: 2.1Amax output allow charging your phone 1.4X faster than standard charger. Note: Not support QC/PD mode.

7. EasyAcc 10000mAh Brilliant Ultra Slim Dual USB

Best Portable Battery Chargers-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

With the 10000mAh rechargeable power capacity, it is able to charge your iPhone from 5 to 6 times, 2.5 to 3.5 times charge for Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3. Plus, it is equipped with dual USB output that allows you to charge two smartphones at the same time. Automatically identifies your device and delivers the suitable electric current for your device like the original power adapter. The power bank can charge 2 smartphones or 1 tablet at fastest speed.

8. KMASHI 10000mAh MP816 Dual USB Portable External Extended Battery

Best Portable Battery Chargers-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The Kmashi MP816 sports high-speed simultaneous ports.So whether you’re charging an Apple or Android device, you’ll get the most out of your technology. KMASHI 10000mAh MP816 Dual USB Portable External Extended Battery is equipped with 4 status LEDs that allows you to know about the remaining capacity. The main feature of the charger, however, is its ultra-high density battery cells, which can perform the fastest charging speed with a 5V adapter that is not included in the product. The charger also has dual USB ports for simultaneous charging. Finally, it comes with one micro USB charger cable.

9. EC Technology Portable Charger 

Best Portable Battery Chargers-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

The suitable size makes it accessible to be taken on plane or on train. Plus, the charger is powered by lithium-ion battery cells and built-in microchips that is able to deliver you more than 500 recharge cycles. The main feature of this model is that it can charge 3 devices simultaneously at top speed. Finally, the model has 3 LED flashlight modes: SOS, bright and average modes.

10. Aibocn Power Bank 10,000mAh External Battery Charger

Best Portable Battery Chargers-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

This powerful portable charger is of fine workmanship with a creative outer hard shell. The outer shell is designed with a nonslip cover, making it more durable. It has a portable size of 2 * 5.4 * 0.78 inches.
The powerbank has a 10000 mAh capacity, which holds tremendous power for your mobile devices’ backup use. And the double USB output ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time.
The protection stops malfunctioning problems, such as overcharge, overdischarge, overheating and short circuit.

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