Full relaxation can be obtained during sleep. No one has any doubt that a correctly selected and high-quality anatomical mattress plays a crucial role in ensuring such a rest. True, many forget about the importance of such an accessory as a pillow. If you do not supplement the mattress with an individually suitable pillow, then the beneficial properties that the sleeping person receives from the mattress will manifest only 80 percent.

Pillows have a number of distinctive parameters: height, stiffness, shape, filler, exterior material, price, etc. In today’s article we will tell you which ones you should pay special attention to to make a choice that will provide you with a full, healthy sleep. Our experts compiled a rating based on user reviews and expert recommendations, selecting the 5 best side pillows for sleeping.

The Best Side Sleeper Pillow Consumer Report 2022.

1. Coop Home Goods Premium Memory Foam Pillow

Best Side Sleeper Pillow-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

This pillow has the construction of high-quality polyester and bamboo-derived rayon fabric. The hypoallergenic foam contains no phthalates and formaldehyde as well. The dust mite-resistant pillow also comes with no ozone depleters. Furthermore, this item is fire-retardant, and the construction of this pillow is free of mercury, lead or any other heavy metals.

Moreover, the highly adjustable pillow has shredded memory-foam so you can add or remove the foam for your ultimate comfort. The queen-size pillow is not only comfortable for side sleeping but also perfect for all sleeping positions. The machine-washable cover allows proper ventilation and promotes proper alignment for peaceful sleeping.

2. DreamNorth PREMIUM Gel Pillow

Best Side Sleeper Pillow-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

This set of two cotton pillows come with the perfect balance between fluffiness and firmness to provide comfortable sleep experience. They are perfect for people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory ailments. These pillow covers are also reusable and machine washable.

The cover of these pillows come 100% cotton construction to offer proper breathability and softness. Furthermore, these hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant pillows have chemical-free construction. You can easily use these cotton pillows if you are a side or back sleeper. The pillows also have the poly gel-filled fiber to provide the highest comfort at any sleeping position.

3. Coop Home Goods Eden Shredded Pillow

Best Side Sleeper Pillow-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

With gel-infused memory foam, this pillow comes with an inner cover of cotton and outer cover of bamboo-derived rayon and polyester fabric. The cooling memory-foam with gusseted design also provides maximized edge to edge support. Moreover, the cover of this pillow allows proper ventilation to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

This customizable pillow also allows you to add or remove the down-like foam and siliconized poly-fill according to your need. Furthermore, this pillow has a zippered inner liner to prevent the filling from coming out. This queen size, soft and comfortable pillow is suitable for side sleepers as well.

4. Nature’s Guest Support Pillow

Best Side Sleeper Pillow-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

If you just cannot find a suitable pillow, then pay attention to this option. It has a design that orthopedists and chiropractors recommend for proper neck support. The hypoallergenic and soft cotton cover with microfiber filling helps you to keep cool during your sleep. The pillow also helps you to reduce neck pain and offers optimal cervical support. Moreover, by using a pillow, you can maintain your proper head, neck and spinal alignment during sleep. The design of this pillow is suitable for both side and back sleepers.

This pillow comes with the doctor-recommended contour design with chiropractic and orthopedic therapy functions. You can easily adjust the firmness of this product by adding or removing the filling. The gusseted edge design of this pillow also provides stable support to the side sleepers. Furthermore, the dual-zipper design helps you to have easy access to the pillow filling.

5. EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Best Side Sleeper Pillow-Reviews & Ratings & Guide

This memory foam pillow from EPABO has an orthopedic design that supports the neck and keeps the spine in alignment. This can help prevent back and neck pain that occurs while sleeping. This pillow has a contour shape that conforms to your head and neck for extra support which makes it work well for side sleepers.

This pillow from EPABO is covered in a premium fabric that’s extremely soft and comfortable. The pillow includes a removable case that’s machine washable. This fabric is also breathable so you don’t wake from sweating or overheating while you sleep. The orthopedic design means the pillow can prevent common tension and pain due to sleeping uncomfortably.

Rating of The Best Side Sleeper Pillow In 2022

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What to look for when choosing a side sleeper pillow

  1. The form. Products are rectangular, square or anatomical in shape (have neck rollers). Those who sleep on their sides, it is better to choose anatomical, with rollers of different heights. To everyone else sleeping in a different position, rectangular ones will do. According to orthopedic specialists, square pillows are in no way suitable for sleeping, so they should be left in the past. This opinion is based on studies that indicate the unacceptability of getting a pillow under the shoulders. Only the head and cervical spine should be supported.
  2. Height. Again, one should proceed from the pose in which the person is used to sleeping. If on the side, then the height should correspond to the shoulder width. Sleepers on their backs or stomach should look at the lower pillows. Remember that men need products higher than women. The height also depends on the rigidity of the mattress: the softer it is, the lower the product should be.
  3. Rigidity. When determining this parameter, it is again necessary to recall the posture during sleep. The toughest pillows are needed for those who sleep on their sides, since it is necessary to maintain the cervical spine well. Medium hardness – for sleeping on the back, and soft – for sleeping on the stomach.
  4. Filler. Ensuring the correct position of the spine, as well as supporting ability, depends on the properties of the filler. The highest quality is considered to be anatomical and memory foam, latex and special material. Such fillers perfectly support the head and do not lose their properties over time. The remaining fillers in the form of a feather, fluff, etc., do worse with the support of the head and cervical spine, as they crumple during operation. If you choose pillows with a similar filler, then do not forget to change the product every six months. Be careful with natural fillers, because despite the environmental friendliness, they are able to provoke allergic reactions.


A side sleeper pillow is specifically designed to support the head and neck while you sleep on your side. These pillows are usually shaped slightly differently than standard pillows and they may be available in different firmness levels so you can choose the type you like best. Pillows come in a wide range of prices but you can easily find one that works for your sleeping style and still fits into your budget.

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